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alpine tower

Fox Run Center for Children and Adolescents in St. Clairsville, Ohio, is the only freestanding secured residential facility within a 75-mile radius dedicated to adolescents as well as children ages 5-12. Created originally in 1990 to offer both acute and residential services, Fox Run shifted to an all-residential treatment modality in 2006. This includes a specialty unit dedicated to adolescents with developmental disabilities with a co-occurring mental illness.

Fox Run's 100 beds are located in a lovely rural setting affording a quiet atmosphere. The Center is situated in a unique geographic position on the eastern border of Ohio, approximately 15 minutes from West Virginia's Northern Panhandle and 20 minutes from the western border of Pennsylvania. The Center is 60 miles southwest of Pittsburgh, Penn.; two hours east of Columbus, Ohio; and three hours south of Cleveland, Ohio. It is easily accessible from several major interstate highways in all three states.

The most recognized landmark at Fox Run is The Alpine Tower, which has been a major attraction on campus since its doors opened. This 50-foot high, wood rope-climbing apparatus is designed with more than 30 routes to the top. It is a treatment tool used to instill confidence, trust, and self-esteem. The tower challenges individuals to overcome fears, tackle problems, trust others, work cooperatively, improve communicate with peers and develop a respect for their own unique capabilities.

The Alpine Tower encourages:

  • Personal Development and Understanding of Self
    • Identification of personal limits
    • Illumination of needs and goals
    • Recognition of role in society
    • Expanding individual self-awareness
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness
    • Promote open and effective lines of communication
    • Production of cooperative relationships
    • Awareness to the needs of others
    • Decision-making
  • Problem-Solving
    • Analytical breakdown of a situation and arrival at a solution to the problem at hand
    • Service to others; exploration of the parts that constitute the whole; finding mutually-beneficial solutions
    • Creating initiative-based metaphors for the “real world”