Fast Track Stabilization

For children and adolescents in need of intensive treatment and requiring a supplement to typical “acute care” services, Fox Run also offers an alternative with a “residential care” “Fast Track Program”. This program offers all of the assessment and treatment features of other programming, with a shorter time-frame in mind.

The Fast Track Program targeted toward children and adolescents who are:

  • In need of extended stabilization
  • Following an acute care stay and in need of a transition prior to alternative levels of care
  • Children and adolescents in need of a thorough assessment and treatment recommendations

The program is designed to utilize all of the therapeutic and education services offered to traditional residents while providing for:

  • Increased frequency of individual and family sessions
  • An accelerated “home pass” schedule to help the resident and caregivers practice skills they are learning in preparation of the child’s return to the community.

This program provides flexibility when the needs of the child include a shortened length of stay. The program length is designed to address 30 to 60 day stays. Residents in this program are offered treatment on the same units as those in the standard programs.