Located in the Ohio Valley among the rolling hills of St. Clairsville, Ohio adjacent to interstate 70, Fox Run has been serving children and adolescents in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania for over 20 years. Fox Run is a 100-bed, residential treatment facility that provides a comfortable, non-institutional environment designed for youth.

As a Residential Treatment Facility, Fox Run treats both boys and girls, ages 5-17, who are diagnosed with a psychiatric condition which requires in-patient placement. We have specialized treatment programs and living areas for each of our programmed groups. Our Dreams Program serves children ages 5-12; our Visions Program is tailored to those youth managing Developmental Disabilities (IQ 50-70). We also offer clinical treatment and programming for adolescents ages 12-17 in our Hopes and Choices groups.

Our goal is to provide each patient with the treatment, care, social skills, and leadership interactions to give them a solid foundation to support a future of healing and hope. We want every child who enters our doors to experience a successful future. To achieve this goal, we offer individual, group, and family therapies. We have a fully accredited public school focusing on special educational needs that provides a full transfer of credits earned back to their home district. Our school is equipped with opportunities include laptops, iPads, and smart boards.

Fox Run’s dedicated and compassionate staff cares about our patients. The family of employees understands the unique needs presented by our children and are committed to the healthy development of our residents. The staff is inclusive psychiatrists, therapists, nurses, mental health technicians, activities therapists, and special education teachers. This is only a sample of the qualified people that work daily to continuously improve on the vision of Fox Run.

Our youth come to us from a variety of settings including their own homes, county agencies, physicians, and acute hospitals. All admissions are individualized and developed to meet the specific needs of each child. We encourage the involvement of all care providers whenever possible as we provide a safe, structured, educational and therapeutic environment. We also work with each family to support them as they learn to understand that mental issues that their loved one is facing. We develop a partnership to support the treatment of the child.