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Frequently Asked Questions

In an effort to assist you with your decision on appropriate placement, Fox Run has an Assessment and Referral team available to guide you through the admission process and review the program options. Whether you need guidance through the residential referral process, have questions on how to obtain outpatient services, or require an inpatient psychiatric hospitalization, contact Fox Run Center at 740-695-2131 or 800-245-2131. Please allow our friendly and experienced team to be your first point of contact for your child’s mental health needs.


At Fox Run Center, we want each resident to have the support of family and we encourage communication with your child.

Phone calls: Upon admission at Fox Run Center, you will be asked to provide a list of people that your child is able to speak with over the phone. There are assigned phone times for each treatment program. Your child will be able to make phone calls during their designated time. Your child may also contact their case worker or probation officer with their case manager or therapist during the day. These calls do not count toward their phone time.

Mail: Unopened incoming mail will be delivered to your child by staff. Your child will be asked to open the mail in front of a staff member. The staff member will not read your child’s mail. The staff will ask to see what came in the envelope or package. Any items that are deemed unsafe will be sent back to you or the child’s guardian.


Visitation may be monitored and will be limited to those individuals you have indicated on the approved contact list. If an approved visitor is unable to attend a scheduled visitation, your child’s therapist or case manager can approve another time.

You or your child may refuse visitors at any time. Fox Run Center also reserves the right to restrict visitors for therapeutic reasons. Any items brought back from visitation will also be checked in by staff and added to your child’s inventory of belongings.

Home Visit

A Therapeutic Community Assignment means a child can leave Fox Run with a parent/guardian or staff for a designated period of time. Residents earn TCA’s by working through the level system. Your child’s treatment team will discuss whether or not he/she has earned a TCA, and the physician will write an order that determines the amount of time that he/she can be away from the building. TCA’s are used to determine the success of treatment in a preferred setting.

Accommodations and Attractions

Fox Run Center is located in a lovely rural setting affording a quiet atmosphere. The Center is situated in a unique geographic position on the eastern border of Ohio, approximately 15 minutes from West Virginia’s Northern Panhandle and 20 minutes from the western border of Pennsylvania. The Center is 60 miles southwest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; two hours east of Columbus, Ohio; and three hours south of Cleveland, Ohio. It is accessible from several major interstate highways in all three states.

Fox Run Center is conveniently located off of Interstate 70 and is minutes away from the Ohio Valley Mall. Located in the heart of Belmont County, St. Clairsville provides a variety of dining options as well as attractions for the entire family including Wheeling Park and Oglebay Good Zoo in nearby Wheeling, West Virginia. There are numerous attractions in the Tri-State area within a 30 minute drive. For families traveling a great distance, Fox Run is close to several hotels and we have secured discounted rates for our families.

Frequently Asked Questions: for Youth

Generally, residents may visit with up to four (4) people identified from a list provided by a parent or guardian. Visiting hours are typically scheduled, although accommodations are certainly made.

Fox Run Center will only communicate with those individuals involved in your health and recovery. The privacy of our residents is extremely important to us, and we make every effort to protect that privacy.

Resident cell phones are not permitted, however there are scheduled phone times each evening (using hospital phones).

Residents are placed with a roommate of the same gender and similar age. Issues will be addressed by staff and necessary actions will be taken in the best interest of the patients’ health and safety.

Fox Run Center features an on-campus school that is licensed through the state of Ohio. This licensure enables our residents to receive transferable credits to their local school system. As an integral part of their treatment structure, residents receive 5 hours of educational schooling five days a week. Our school is equipped with new classrooms and the newest technology including: iPads, laptops, smart boards and wireless internet.

Yes, weather permitting residents do have supervised and scheduled access to a courtyard and playground. Additionally daily recreation time in a gymnasium, as well as music and art classroom activities are built into a daily schedule. Residents have the ability to climb our 53 ft. Alpine tower to challenge themselves and others. Fox Run provides a variety of monthly outings to supplement our on-site recreational and educational activities.

Fox Run Center will work with families and guardians of our residents to accommodate most barriers that would otherwise make visitation impossible.

Your stay will be as short as possible and as long as necessary. The most significant contribution to the length of stay of a resident is his or her commitment to a successful outcome. Our job is to facilitate that journey as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The school has internet access for educational programming only. Residents are not permitted on email or social media while at Fox Run Center.

Schools and employers are not permitted to discriminate against people who have asked for help and have been admitted to a hospital.

New admissions are welcomed by our assessment team in an in-take room. At that point, a member of the Fox Run Center team will complete an admission assessment and inventory of all of the new resident’s belongings. Once this is complete, it’s time to meet the Fox Run team and get settled in.

This outcome is up to the individual resident. Each resident is a part of the development of their discharge plan.

The menus at Fox Run Center are reviewed by a registered dietitian. This information is shared with our kitchen team to ensure that dietary needs are met.

We’re Here to Help

Fox Run Center’s professional staff are available to offer information and to help make the transition to treatment as smooth as possible for your child or adolescent. Call 800-245-2131 to get started. If you need immediate medical assistance, contact 911 or seek the nearest emergency room.