Below are some answers to frequently asked questions. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Who can visit me?
A: Generally, residents may visit with up to 4 people identified from a list provided by a parent or guardian. Visiting hours are typically scheduled, although accommodations are certainly made.

Q: Will my friends and peers at school find out about my stay?
A: Fox Run will only communicate with those individuals involved in your health and recovery. The privacy of our residents is extremely important to us, and we make every effort to protect that privacy.

Q: Can I bring my cell phone and how much can I use the phone?
A: Resident cell phones are not permitted, however there are scheduled phone times each evening (using hospital phones).

Q: Will I have a roommate and what if I don’t like him/her?
A: Residents are placed with a roommate of the same gender and similar age. Issues will be addressed by staff and necessary actions will be taken in the best interest of the patients’ health and safety.

Q: How will I continue my school work?
A: Fox Run Center features an on-campus school that is licensed through the state of Ohio. This licensure enables our residents to receive transferable credits to their local school system. As an integral part of their treatment structure, residents receive 5 hours of educational schooling 5 days a week. Our school is equipped with new classrooms and the newest technology including: iPads, laptops, smart boards and wireless internet.

Q: Can I go outside during my stay?
A: Yes, weather permitting residents do have supervised and scheduled access to a courtyard and playground. Additionally daily recreation time in a gymnasium, as well as music and art classroom activities are built into a daily schedule. Residents have the ability to climb our 53 ft. Alpine tower to challenge themselves and others. Fox Run provides a variety of monthly outings to supplement our on-site recreational and educational activities.

Q: My family lives far away and does not have reliable transportation, how will I see them?
A: Fox Run will work with families and guardians of our residents to accommodate most barriers that would otherwise make visitation impossible.

Q: How long will I have to stay?
A: Your stay will be as short as possible and as long as necessary. The most significant contribution to the length of stay of a resident is his or her commitment to a successful outcome. Our job is to facilitate that journey as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Q: Can I get on the internet or use social media or email?
A: The school has internet access for educational programming only. Residents are not permitted on email or social media while at Fox Run.

Q: Will my inpatient treatment keep me from college acceptance or employment?
A: Schools and employers are not permitted to discriminate against people who have asked for help and have been admitted to a hospital.

Q: What happens when I arrive?
A: New admissions are welcomed by our assessment team in an in-take room. At that point, a member of the Fox Run team will complete an admission assessment and inventory of all of the new resident’s belongings. Once this is complete, it’s time to meet the Fox Run team and get settled in.

Q: What about when I leave, what happens and where do I go?
A: This outcome is up to the individual resident. Each resident is a part of the development of their discharge plan.

Q: What about my special dietary restrictions?
A: The menus at Fox Run are reviewed by a registered dietitian. This information is shared with our kitchen team to ensure that dietary needs are met.