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Our admissions team is here to answer your questions and make the transition into treatment as smooth as possible.
Fox Run Center is committed to providing compassionate, quality care for children and adolescents ages 5–17.
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Residential Treatment for Children

Residential psychiatric treatment at Fox Run Center is designed for boys and girls ages 5–12 with emotional, behavioral or mental health issues.

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Services for Adolescent Girls

Fox Run Center offers two distinct programs for adolescent girls ages 12-17. We treat patients with intellectual or developmental disabilities, medical, psychiatric, emotional or behavioral problems.

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Education at Fox Run Center

Our educational program at the Fox Run School is run by East Central Ohio Educational Service Center in partnership with the St. Clairsville-Richland City Schools.

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FAQ for Parents

We understand that seeking treatment for your child can be a difficult decision. Find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions here.


When your child needs residential treatment to help address emotional, behavioral or mood disorders, Fox Run Center is here to help. We treat children ages 5–12 in a positive, compassionate environment.

At Fox Run Center, we offer residential psychiatric treatment for boys and girls though the Dreams Program. This program is designed to teach young residents how to manage the symptoms, emotions and behaviors associated with their traumas and other mental health problems.

Program components include speech, physical and occupational therapy; daily living skills instruction, components of Eden Autism Curriculum, visual labels and schedules, and education through the Fox Run School.

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Fox Run Center provides highly structured residential treatment programs for adolescents with emotional, behavioral or mental health issues, or who have intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD). Residential psychiatric treatment for adolescent girls ages 12–17 is offered through the Hopes Program, which takes a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment to address each patient’s medical, psychiatric, social and academic needs.

The Visions Program is designed for adolescent girls ages 12–17 with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD). Through this program, Fox Run Center encourages the development of prosocial behavior and adaptive living skills in a structured residential setting.

We also offer education for the youth in our care through our licensed and accredited Fox Run School.

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Children and adolescents who experience emotional and adjustment challenges may also struggle for success in the classroom. Fox Run Center is committed to providing our youth with high-quality educational experiences throughout their stay through programming at the Fox Run School. Our school is operated by East Central Ohio Educational Service Center in partnership with the St. Clairsville-Richland City Schools, the Ohio School district within which the center is located. The Fox Run School is in compliance with the Ohio Department of Education Standards, including special education provisions for students qualifying for Individualized Education Programs (IEP).

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Patient Satisfaction

4.40 / 5
I was treated with dignity and respect
4.61 / 5
I feel better now than when I was admitted
4.71 / 5
Overall I was very satisfied with my treatment

* Data based on patients surveyed between July-December 2023.

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Suicide Prevention Efforts at Fox Run Center

As a proud supporter of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, Fox Run Center provides education and resources to the communities we serve.

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