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Programs for Children

When your child needs residential treatment to help address emotional, behavioral or mood disorders, Fox Run Center is here to help. We treat boys and girls ages 5–12 in a positive, compassionate environment.

We understand that it may be a difficult decision to place your child in residential care, and we are committed to helping each child return home to their community. Our goal is to help young patients and their families gain a full understanding of the mental health issues at hand, develop effective coping skills and build the skills they need to return home.

At Fox Run Center, we offer residential psychiatric treatment for children though the Dreams Program. This program is designed to teach young residents how to manage the symptoms, emotions and behaviors associated with their traumas and other mental health problems.

Treatment modalities include relaxation techniques, thought stopping techniques, affect expression and modulation, cognitive coping, trauma narratives and behavior management training.

Program components include:

  • Speech, physical and occupational therapy (provided by Easterseals)
  • Daily living skills instruction
  • Components of the Eden Autism curriculum
  • Visual labels and schedules
  • Education through the Fox Run School

To learn more about this program, contact us for a no-cost, confidential assessment.

We’re Here to Help

Fox Run Center’s professional staff are available to offer information and to help make the transition to treatment as smooth as possible for your child or adolescent. Call 800-245-2131 to get started. If you need immediate medical assistance, contact 911 or seek the nearest emergency room.