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Programs for Adolescent Girls

Fox Run Center provides highly structured residential treatment programs for adolescent girls who are diagnosed with emotional, behavioral or mental health issues, or who have intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD). Often, the youth in our care are also experiencing significant social and behavioral difficulties. We’re here to help.

Fox Run Center provides residential psychiatric treatment for girls ages 12–17 through the Hopes Program. This program provides a multi-disciplinary treatment that addresses each patient’s psychiatric, social and academic needs.

The Visions Program at Fox Run Center is designed for teenage girls ages 12–17 with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD). Through this program, Fox Run Center encourages the development of prosocial behavior and adaptive living skills in a structured residential setting.

We also offer education for the youth in our care through our licensed and accredited Fox Run School.

To learn more about our programs for adolescents, and to find out whether our services can help your loved one thrive, contact us at 800-245-2131.

We’re Here to Help

Fox Run Center’s professional staff are available to offer information and to help make the transition to treatment as smooth as possible for your child or adolescent. Call 800-245-2131 to get started. If you need immediate medical assistance, contact 911 or seek the nearest emergency room.